Pattern Puzzle explores modularity and how color, order, and chaos manipulate our perception of shapes—allowing enormous user freedom through a simple binary system of mostly one color or the other. Both boxes comprise 88 of one color combinations and 88 the inverse color combination.
The Game comes in two different styles. 
The first modular puzzle uses a green, blue, and yellow gradient color pallet, which creates a more gradual and atmospheric transition between the puzzle pieces and shapes. 
The second puzzle uses solid shades of purple and yellow to create geometric shapes and patterns, imitating something closer to pixels or the texture of duotone printing.

Package design for laser cut and UV Printed modular Pattern Puzzle.
Above: The first modular puzzle uses green. blue and yellow gradient color pallet.
Bellow: The second one uses solid shades of purple and yellow.
Bellow: Process work exploring the use of the modular puzzle pieces in different systems and color pallets. 
These images can be interpretations of a few ways this modular system could be replicated using different styles and imagining the pattern as something more than the Pattern Puzzle. I see some of these images as wallpaper or the first steps to creating an expansive brand with only one shape.
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