Colombia Infographic   
Colombia Infographic is a collection of visual data describing important geographical and historical information and the population of Colombia. The data is a tool to show complicated ideas about place and simplify it through context and simple geometry.

3 Trips Infographic    ​​​​​​​
The first project seeks to describe 3 linked narratives about travel. They describe the time spent in all three trips as well as describing my individual emotional journey through a system of various facial expressions. It was equally as important for the time spent in each journey and my expression to be constantly visible and transparent. These three infographics allow the viewer follow a narrative about time and space as well as following the thoughts and emotions I went through.
All 3 Trips displayed in an interconnected composition
All 3 Trips printed and layered on top of each other
1. Visualizes a trip from my apartment to the building my clae are being held. The main point of interest are my process waking up as the viewer follow my footsteps around my room and then the trip down the elevator as more people board it and my frustration escalates.
2. Visualizes a trip that start in the same apartment. The purpose of the green circles is to represent a continuation from the first infographic to the second. This infographic starts when I leave my apartment building and continue to visualize a trip to my home in Boston.
3. is the final variation. It describes a trip from my apartment in Rhode Island to Pari France, so it tart where the last journey ended (my home in Boston) This one deal with visualizing my nausea as my father drives us to the Logan Airport, the process going through TSA and the media that I viewed as I slowly fell asleep on the plane
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