Each composition was based on the Gestalt Principles known as Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity,
stuck to one principle. I was extremely inspired by how Wassily Kandinsky created Figure/ Ground. Through this process, I took the opportunity to explore the line between the various principles instead of creating distinct compositions that stuck to one principle. I was extremely inspired by how Wassily Kandinsky used all principles simultaneously in his paintings. 
In Kandinsky's work, he employs the principles can be distinct and different but work as one body of work. Through this project, I tried to create complete pieces while reacting to the principles in a new way. By blending the principles in each composition while having one specific one be more prominent I believe I was able to understand the complex use of the principles and how they can be reused in various ways to create different images. I believe that through this process I was able to create compositions that both exemplified the specific use of the principles while integrating them in a more subtle way. 


To deconstruct a photo to its core elements of shape, volume, line, texture, and pattern is a difficult objective. You have to decipher what the photo resembles best, what information is most important and what can the real world give to us as graphic elements. There is no real answer. I deconstructed my surrounding, transforming them into a distinct graphic language. What I find most resourceful from this assignments was where you can find information and inspiration but also how much the process of material and editing can transform one element to another. 

Through the process of creating there is an unlimited amount of information that comes to attention. Through this process, I also discovered the various ways I can create graphic elements, how working 3 dimensional can result into graphic elements. Through the deconstruction of the elements, the images resemble the likeness of the photos in a more graphic way but they become their own language completely separate from the images they are rooted in. the language of symbols exist on their own and have a new meaning that is important and gives new information in their own right.